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Edapt is a leading tech education company that offers a wide range of learning programs for students of all ages. From primary school curriculums to professional development courses, Edapt is dedicated to equipping students with the skills they need for the future. Their flagship 'Hello AI' program brings modern technology education into schools, with an AI lab, textbooks and online learning platforms that comply with the latest National Education Policy (NEP 2020).
Besides academic learning, Edapt is committed to helping young people build careers and start their own businesses through their Technology Leadership Program (TLP). Their goal is to create a new generation of innovators and leaders. With over 400,000 users on their learning app and partnerships in over 20 countries, including the Middle East and Europe, Edapt is not only a major player in India's education sector but also a growing international force.

  • Umer Abdussalam Chief Executive Officer, Edapt
Umer Abdussalam, a tech-savvy entrepreneur and CEO of Edapt learning technologies, is a well-regarded figure in Kerala's tech landscape. His expertise spans AI, blockchain, and digital innovations, focusing on upskilling the youth. With a background in IT and political science, Abdussalam is dedicated to integrating next-gen tech into education, preparing students for high-demand digital careers and promoting economic growth through skill development.
  • Asif Ameen Chief Product Officer, Edapt
Asif Ameen, the Chief Product Officer, is a driving force in e-learning, with over six years in Edtech. His expertise in AI/ML shapes Edapt's innovative offerings, including the transformative "Hello AI" textbooks. As Program Head of the '100k Coders' initiative, he’s empowering Kerala's youth with essential tech skills, revolutionizing STEM education, and nurturing a future-ready generation

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