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Cambtech is an e-learning startup with the goal of training abiding engineering graduates on advanced concepts in streams of engineering. With Cambtech, receive training from the best professionals in the field of engineering which will help to boost your career. We provide you with a platform that will help you to explore and learn from the best thereby ensuring the lift for that dream career. Here at Cambtech, we aim to provide valuable insights to our students for their growth and development. We offer you an interactive platform, which will help you to learn and prepare yourself for the job recruitment process.

Here, we also help the redundant engineering graduate aspirants in the area of employment providing clear insights into the market to get jobs and be ahead of their competition. Cambtech is an innovative platform that is suitable for everyone trying to pursue a career in engineering.

“Learn, Grow, and Develop the skills which will make you suitable for the growing industry standards”.

Faculty Members

  • Ms. Aparna Sahana
With over 19 years of extensive industry experience spanning multinational and domestic companies, I am a highly skilled Supply Chain professional specializing in establishing and managing businesses in Supply Chain, Logistics, and Customs compliance functions. My expertise includes providing strategic business support in the setup of manufacturing operations, SEZ, and FTWZ, driving synergies across organizations. I excel in implementing robust systems, policies, and procedures to facilitate efficient Supply Chain Management (SCM) and custom compliance solutions. My ability to multitask and navigate cross-functional strategic and business issues with diverse teams, both local and international, underscores my adaptability and leadership capabilities.

I bring a wealth of experience in IT hardware, Electronics, Consumer Durables, Freight forwarding, Healthcare, and Telecom industries. Proficient in a wide array of areas, including International Logistics, Freight Forwarding, Internal controls, Customs Compliance, ERP Implementation, Process improvements, International Procurement, Operations efficiencies, Government Audit investigations, Resource management, Trade Compliance policies, Customs Laws & FTP, Performance measurement, Warehouse management, Internal Audits, Change management, and Import-Export Management. In Warehouse Management, I have been responsible for setting up, planning, organizing, and controlling warehouses, with a strong background in handling Free Trade warehousing in SEZ at Chennai.

My skills also extend to Commercial (Export and import) Operations, where I serve as the interface for coordinating with exporters and buyers, liaising with regulatory authorities and Customs Departments, and managing Letter of Credit shipments. Additionally, my proficiency in Logistics Planning and transportation involves negotiating with various stakeholders for cost-effective transport solutions, monitoring fleets, and analyzing performance metrics. In Demand Planning and procurement, I manage purchase orders, track shipments, and ensure timely payments, demonstrating a knack for seeking new sources and maintaining optimal stock levels. Furthermore, in Trade Compliance and Statutory Documentation, I oversee matters related to Customs, HSS documentation, FTA, and Non-FTA shipments, and liaise with regulatory bodies for compliance with rules and regulations. My hands-on experience includes handling licenses, import certificates, and procurement certificates. Proficient in AEO, ACP Applications, and conducting Process Improvements, Audits, and Warehouse Audits, I am committed to driving excellence and efficiency across all facets of supply chain operations.

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