• Professor M.S. Ananth Former Director IIT-Madras and Chairman, Digitial Skills Academy @ IITM (2001-2011)

Digital Skills Academy - An IIT-Madras CCE and NASSCOM IT-ITeS SSC Future Skills initiative, which has embarked in the journey of reskilling / upskilling the 2 Million+ Indian IT & ITeS Professionals in latest technologies. The skilled workforce in current trendy technologies such as Cyber Security or Artificial Intelligence etc. is the need of the hour, as traditional skills of coding and testing is being replaced with AI based BOTs. I wish NASSCOM supports this initiative to full extent and reach out to all its members to make them aware of these certification tracks available for meeting the technology challenges

  • Shri Lakshmi Narayanan Co-Founder Cognizant Technologies and Chairman, Digital Skills Academy @IIT Madras

Moderating growth in the technology services sector is primarily due to lack of skilled capacity. This effort by IIT Madras' Digital Skills Academy is aimed at upskilling capacity, at scale, that has been dormant. I am confident that the depth and rigor of these programs will create highly talented and competitive capacity that the IT industry badly needs.

  • Professor Bhaskar Ramamurthi Former -Director, IIT-Madras

IIT Madras is happy to pioneer the Reskill / Upskill / Skill development programmes from Digital Skills Academy (DSA) at IIT Madras, to help the IT-ITeS professionals with Future Skills and help them in their growth in career. IIT-M is committed to work in cutting-edge technologies and share the wealth of knowledge gained to society through these Future Skills development programme from Digital Skills Academy & be a strong supporter of the industry-academia initiatives. I sincerely wish that the industry partners support this DSA initiative and take advantage to counter the pressures to reskill & upskill current work force in the rapidly changing technology scenarios

  • Professor V. Kamakoti Director of IIT Madras and Chairman, IIT Madras Pravarthak Foundation, said,

Education is a continuous process, students and professionals have to continuously upgrade their knowledge and skills to stay competitive at work. Learning is a life-long process. These courses will reach learners from all parts of our Nation and particularly, the remotest part of India where outreach of digital literacy is minimal and will help everyone to stay ahead in the chosen career journeys. With our Nation aiming to move fast toward a 5-trillion-dollar economy, it is important that such skill development courses are offered by premier institutions and industry jointly, to help the students who are aspiring to build a career in banking and finance

  • Professor Devendra Jalihal Chairman, CODE, IIT-Madras

CCE at IIT-Madras in association with IT industry apex body NASSCOM has established “Digital Skills Academy with an objective of reskilling / upskilling over 2 Million professionals in next 5 years in cutting-edge technologies and futuristic solutions space, which is forte of iIT-Madras.

  • Professor K. Mangala SunderHead, Digital Skills Academy, IIT – Madras

After successful launch and expansion of NPTEL, Digital Skills Academy in next several years will be able to train the students, working professionals and women who want to return to work after career break to be able to get a good job quickly with certification from IIT-Madras. During this period it will establish processes and protocols for continuous training of all interested in emerging new domains. The DSA at IIT-Madras has complete support and guidance of NASSCOM for making relevant skills which are part of Futureskills development programme of IT-ITeS Sectoral Skills council. We will provide a perfect platform for Industry – Academia collaboration to its best.

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